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New Website!!!

2014-01-24 23:50:00 by KittyKat87

Wow, been a pretty long time since my last post. :P

Nessbeatsfox and I have started up a new website and we'd very much like a lot of visitors. We're gonna be doing movie reviews, game reviews, book reviews, and we're gonna be posting some of our comics and I'm even gonna post stories and stuff. Please come by and visit us. We'd appreciate it whole bunches. ^______^ It's not entirely finished yet, but we're going to be working hard to get more things on it as soon as possible.



2012-02-07 23:55:57 by KittyKat87

I want attention, darnit!!! I want to know if I'm a good writer!!! Read my stuff on any of these websites!!! I think they all have the same stories posted on them so pick which one you like and READ MY STORIES!!! RAAAWWWWRRR!!!!
Lark's Realm (my site!)

P.S. Sorry.... had waaaay too much sugar tonight.... :D


Checka Dis Lol!!

2011-10-28 13:56:53 by KittyKat87

Hey lookie! I did this thing on deviantArt called the Draw This Again! Meme for my Sailor Draco character. Shows how much I've improved my artwork in the past nine years. Just thought I'd share this with all you awesome people at Newgrounds since I haven't made a new post for so long, heehee. Enjoy!!

Full Picture on deviantArt

Checka Dis Lol!!

Yo, whassup peeps?

2011-05-02 22:16:55 by KittyKat87

Been forever and a day since I dun made a new post... Not a whole lot's been going on. Pretty much the same old stuff... I did get a new doggie a few months ago. His name is Richie and he's a doberman/chocolate lab/terrier mix-type thing. He's pretty cool, I suppose. I like to take him on walks 'n stuff like that, even though he is a bratty little puppy most of the time. But, I guess I do sorta like him...

Been trying to get back into writing and drawing and stuff... but for I'm just so unmotivated for some reason. Really kinda sucks... at least I did manage to finish a new picture today. So... that's something, anyway! Lol... mmyup...

Random adorable hedgehog picture until I get a picture of my puppy...

Yo, whassup peeps?

Yeah, that was random. I'm really bored and felt like making a new post since that last one was... well, really old. Lol. Um.... not much to report on, I suppose. Life as been going on the same as usual. I've finally gotten back to drawing and stuff. Finished two digital pictures and a few pencil drawings... derp derp...

Been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead lately. That game is freaking awesome, I tell you what. I've been trying for a looong time to finish at least ONE campaign on expert mode, but I can't freaking do it! Even if I try to do a speedrun, something always kills me. Ugh... so frustrating. I also like to play versus mode. It's a lot of fun until you get people who either kick you for no reason or take the game waaay too seriously and start whining when you don't do everything perfectly. Some people just don't know how to have fun with a game, you know? Bleh...

Uh... yeah... guess that's all I wanna talk about. Here's a random picture of Bulbasaur I drew because my husband challenged me to draw all 493 Pokemon. So far... I'm up to Charmeleon. XD



2010-01-14 16:06:33 by KittyKat87

I drawed a unicorn! Isn't she perrrdy???

Yeah... I'm bored...


Doop dee dooper...

2009-12-04 12:06:50 by KittyKat87

Wooo it's been a while since I've made a new post. UUuuuhhh... Not really much going on right now, I suppose. Was really busy for a few weeks after the honeymoon. Had to move into the new house, clean the new house, put stuff away, get the plumbing fixed (several times) and all kinds of crap. Everything has pretty much gone back to normal....

OH, we got a bunny! His name is Mark (after Mark Hamill XD) and he's an angora rabbit and we're gonna try to sell his fur and stuff weeee!! I'll post a picture up of him sometime. Well, actually, we had two rabbits at first. Full story is Hunter's parents got four bunnies from an auction and their previous owner didn't take very good care of them at all. Hunter and I took two of the rabbits, and named them Mark and Vader (because he had a black nose and ears). Poor Vader was really skinny and sick, though, and didn't make it through the second night. ;___; But, Mark is doing really well, so I'm happy about that. So, that brings the pet count up to 3 cats and 1 bunneh-bun. If you are, or know anyone, interested in buying angora wool, let me know!! =D

Um... yeah, I should stop before I start rambling too much....

Aaaand here's dah bunneh!! <33 He's not extremely furry right now. I think he was shaved or something before we got him. =P

Doop dee dooper...

Yup, just got home from another trip to King's Island. Hunter (aka Nessbeatsfox) and I went for our honeymoon. I never get tired of that place, I tell you what. We left on Friday and got to the park around 7:00pm. They were just starting the Halloween Haunt, which is really cool because there were fog machines everywhere, workers dressed up in costumes scaring the crap out of people, and all kinds of haunted houses and stuff around the park.

We wandered around for a few hours, going on rides and stuff and having a jolly 'ol time. Once we got tired, we went back to the hotel and.... played board games.

After breakfast on Saturday we went back to the park when it opened at 11 and spend the entire day going around and riding all the rides and playing claw machines (we won 16 stuffed animals in total from those XD) and all that good stuff.

The Halloween Haunt started again around 7 and we went through a couple haunted houses. There was one that was pirate themed, and Hunter made me lead since he hates haunted houses. Around one corner we came upon a woman dressed as a wench, and to quote her when she saw us: "Lettin' your woman lead? What's that say about your manhood, love?" It made me lol. :D

Anyway, after that we just went on a few more rides then called it a night. This morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel, and went home. 'Twas a very fun trip and I can't wait to go again someday. ^_^

King's Island: The Honeymoon Edition


2009-10-26 17:01:32 by KittyKat87

Well, I'm married now. The wedding went great, the reception was a blast, and everything just went so well. This Friday we're leaving for our honeymoon in King's Island! Woooo!! Mmmyup. Uh, I think that's about it. Hehe. I'll post a picture when I get them, so for now...

Uh...'s a kitten!!


Stuff and Things

2009-10-15 16:46:53 by KittyKat87

MMmmmmmyup... Stuff and things. The new house is finally starting to come along. We've FINALLY gotten all the plumbing fixed and working. We're gonna start painting the living room today, and maybe the bathroom. After that, we're putting down flooring in the kitchen and utility room. AAAnnnd... that's basically it besides getting appliances. Shouldn't be much longer now.

OMG Nessbeatsfox and I are getting married in just 9 days!! I'm excited and nervous and whoaaaa dude... Crazy stuff... Seems like just yesterday we were sitting there and being like "Wow we're gonna be married in 9 months..." Oi vey... My parents aren't really making things very easy, unfortunately and are mostly just adding to the frustration and stress of all this. Woot... Well... at least it'll be over soon...


Adorable kitty picture time is now!!

Stuff and Things